Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fashionably Late???

Well, what a blogger I've been this past week! I guess that's what happens when you actually have to teach a full week! Man, I think I was a little used to the snow breaks! ;0) However, thank you blog friends for looking past my absence and nominating me anyways!!

Seven things about me...

1. I cheered for ten years and even cheered here at Oklahoma State my freshman year of college. 

2. I pray every night I get a teaching job and I don't have to move home with the fam and start my Masters. Although, I do want to get my Masters, I am just ready for a little break and I really want my own classroom? Is that too much to ask for, Texas???

3. I lived with 100 girls in the sorority house for two years. Loved every minute of it! I have met my lifelong best friends.

4. I am the girl that says what everyone else is thinking. ;0)

5. I must watch TLC every night before falling asleep. I am really enjoying the episodes about the Queen and her family. I also love Cake Boss, The Duggers, and my fav Locked Up! And I can't stand What Not To Wear!!!!

6. I am addicted to Coke. But it's okay because I only drink one a day!

7. My Nanny was 96 when she died in December. She was my best friend. She still drove, lived alone, planted flowers, etc... She was amazing and I miss her dearly every day! 

Since everyone seems to already be stylin' - I nominate this award to whoever isn't! 

Post to come later with pics & ideas!


Suzanne said...

You totally deserve an AWARD!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!
Just so you know, I only use the phrase above once every few months when I feel it is totally necessary. ; )

Katie K. said...

I am worried about jobs in Texas too! Have you seen the job search engine on It posts jobs all over the state.

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