Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bossy R & Reader's Theatre/Lunch box anyone???

Meet Bossy R!

The kids LOVED meeting bossy R. [I whipped this beauty up in all about three minutes!] She was definitely a hit and it really seemed to stick with the kids. Bossy R went to the park with her friends E, U, and I and she didn't let them get a word out!!! 

In our Reading Street book this week we read Where Are All Of My Friends? It is written in play form with five different characters. The kids had a BLAST splitting into groups for "play practice!" It was a really fun week. We are "performing" our readers theatre this week for the kindergarten classes. We let the kids make their very own masks. They turned out SOOOOO cute!!!! We let them use anything they wanted. I am so impressed with their creativity and imagination! It was messy, but worth it!





Everyone should do a Reader's Theatre in their classroom. It is so much fun and the kids eat it up!!!!

P.S. Scholastic has awesome books in their March catalog! A Junie B. book for $1, a Jan Bret book for $5, and many more steals of deal. I might or might not of spent $50 in books! [Plus 5 free books!!]

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~*~Ash~*~ said...

Oh my goodness- I LOOOOOOOOOVe your bossy R! That is too funny. And your masks for readers theater is great.

I just posted an activity for the upcoming story "The Dot". Check it out!

Katie K. said...

I am obsessed with 31! I actually just ordered the Cindy Tote and thought it would be perfect for teaching!

Mrs.Thompson said...

I am loving that hummingbird! Sooo good!

Adventures in Teaching

Rachel said...

Just found your blog and noticed that you attend OSU. Go Pokes! I graduated with an ECE degree in May of 09 and I currently teach 2nd in San Antonio! Thanks so much for your great activities and ideas!

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