Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Writing Process - Anchor Charts

My first purchasable item on Teachers Pay Teachers!!! Guys, I'm so excited! I hope you are too!
One of my favorite things to teach is writing. I have created a set of anchor charts for each part of The Writing Process {Prewriting, Drafting, Revising, Editing, Proofreading, and Publishing}. These cuties would look spectacular on your Writing Wall

I have my students track where they are in the writing process as they are writing. The different headers of the process are taped to my cabinet and each student has a clothes pin with their number on it. As they go throughout the process they move their clip. This lets me know exactly where each student is and who I need to conference with. I really love it and so do the kids. It keeps accountability on my end and theirs!

This packet contains the anchor charts & the headers for your kids to track their writing too!
Please let me know if I can answer any of your questions!

The first 3 people to add a comment telling me their favorite writing [teaching] technique and to blog about my new TPT purchase will receive the packet for free! Thanks for following my blog, as well!

Happy {almost} Hump Day!


thepolkadotowl said...

This would be so useful in my classroom, it looks great! To help my babies write paragraphs, I use the "five finger rule." A Topic Sentence, 3 'Tell' Sentences, and a Think sentence. it's been helping my struggling learners! :)

Gladys said...

I usually make a lot of anchor charts and thinking maps with my ELL students...I love your new packet!


Constance said...

I love using anchor charts for my kiddos. I have found so many ideas while blog stalking!! LOL!


Ali said...

This is becoming a little strange...more than once I have commented on different blogs and it seems to show up, but then when I go back it's not there? Not sure why it's doing that for me?

Anyway....I posted about your great writing anchor charts!!


I also love teaching figurative language to my kiddos....once they get it, it makes their writing so colorful and rich!


Ali said...

oops....mistyped my email address


Sally said...

Hi-Love your Writing anchor charts - - can't find them on TPT. When I click on your link it takes me to your page, but these aren't there. Help. (thanks)

Sally said...

Hi! Also a Sally who loves your Writing anchor charts - - and I can't find them on TPT either. TPT is only showing your freebies. I don't want you to miss out on sales, what can we do?

Online PhD Degree Programs by Nina said...

I am so excited for you too! I think writing is one of the most important things to teach. Everything looks so great and I bet all your students love this. It is also important that you and the kid are accountable for the finished project. Great job!

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