Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weather Day Two

Day in Review in Pics~
We talked about Rainbows - why we have rainbows, the colors, etc... We then tied in our lesson on similes with our watercolor rainbows! I had the kids do a creative response on what is at the end of their Rainbow!! I love reading creative responses! :0)

We learned about clouds today! 
I introduced the lesson by letting the kids meet the cloud people! THEY LOVED IT!! I used some fun voices for each cloud - we had a great time!
We made up hand motions for each cloud and talked about the different characteristics of each one. I then had the kids make their own cloud out of cotton balls! We made a big class graph on the ground and interpreted the data! Here are our results. [Before all of this I had the kids split up into groups and they wrote adjectives that described their particular cloud! I used those as the base of our class graph!]

And our display in the hall....I wish I had put some fabric in the background! Oh well!

Water Cycle Tomorrow!! 
Happy almost HUMP DAY!


Elisabeth said...

I'm loving your weather unit!! Those are the cutest cloud people. Do you have a template for them?
Thanks for sahring your ideas! Love your blog!!


Kelley said...

Yes, I love those clouds as well! I used to teach a weather unit but I never made my clouds as adorable as those! I love your rainbow/simile activity. I was thinking of some minor changes for third grade around St. Patrick's day. I need to teach figurative language in writing-similes and metaphors to be exact, and we could use the rainbows like you did with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! It is often hard to find time for 3rd graders to get to watercolor so they will LOVE it! Thanks for the inspiration.

Please check out my new blog as well..


Jonelle Bell said...

So excited to find your blog! Love the rainbow writing!!
Jonelle Bell
A Place Called Kindergarten

Renuka said...


Love this unit! Will you be putting up the cloud people templates?

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