Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Handwriting Fairy

Yes, I am stir crazy & completely 100% sold out on things to do. We were just informed that we will not have school tomorrow either! WHAT?! Well, I will continue to craft and create!

Tired of sloppy handwriting and no name papers?!?!?

This little magic works. like. a. charm!! Introduce it as a very special treat! I use it very sparingly but when I do deliver the little goodies it's like Christmas morning. The kids LOVE it!!!! I try to leave it on a few desks in the morning maybe once or twice a week. I don't want to over kill the fairy!! I leave this little note with a sharpened pencil from the dollar store. Cheap gesture but works like a million bucks! Try it!

I still need help with Google Docs... until then I'll keep putting FREE items on TpT!
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Rachelle said...

Wow I do this exact same thing!

Mrs. Lewis said...

Cute. This will be a good addition to my class. In third grade we begin cursive. The students can earn a "furry friend" with neat handwriting, good posture, slanted book, etc.... Furry Friends are just fancy pens. They LOVE THIS!

Forgery expert said...

I just love how you write. Reading your blog for me is like sitting down and having a conversation with you. You always make me smile and you have a way with words.

Just thought I'd tell you in case you didn't know. :-)

Inspired Writing Teacher said...

Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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