Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A few more V-Day ideas & an AWESOME new blog

Here are what the kids are doing for their Valentine sacks this year! Sorry, I don't have a sack at home but we are using large white sacks! Ya know, the ones everyone uses! This is not a very good pic but you get the idea, right? Questions, comments, concerns just ask! ;0)

I made four templates of the large hearts (the kids will cut their own) and I made a template for the feetsy hearts and cut them out myself. Yes I know, I'm anal! I also made the name tags and cut each of those out. I also made the eye hearts on Word, though I just cut those into pairs and the kids will trim the edges! I drew on the circle dots and the cute little eye lashes! I accordian folded the red tongue and cut squares for the kids to fold to cut the heart at the tip of the tongue! And dot the nose! There ya have it!

This is an awesome art project that you can use in your classroom to talk about lines, symmetry, color, etc.... It's a great project & the kids LOVED it!!!!!!!
What ya do.... Cut poster board into rectangles (size is up to you!) and take a piece of foil and fold it over (glue the edges)! Next, you will have the kids draw a heart with a permanent maker (it's okay, you can do it!) and then draw lines - we told them to only draw 4-6! (For the kids that would of drawn 100!!) Then you just use different Sharpies to color in the lines! Simple, but cool!! [Notice my design is a heart and star....totally not on purpose! And I actually don't really like it because I would rather just see a heart!] 

Moving on....
Check this NEW blog out! I designed her header tonight & totally love it! Suzanne is a second grade (looping) teacher and is amazing! She is so creative, I mean she has a lime green room! Awesome! Please check out her fabulous Eric Carle idea for when she teaches first! Introduce yourself and become a follower. You won't regret it! She has awesome ideas! Stay tuned!!

Off to plan for next week & *design* a bullentin board for March!!!

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Suzanne said...

Aren't you cute?!?!
Thanks for showing me some LOVE!
The heart art is FABULOUS!!! I LOVE IT!!!

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