Monday, January 17, 2011

Lesson Plan Template & MLK activity

After eye balling some different ideas (Thanks Michelle) & a few hours later I have finally completed my lesson plan template. 
I am very pleased with how it turned out!! The true test will be this week when I actually apply it in the classroom. I will let you know~

Click on image to see full effect.

Friday we celebrated Martin Luther King. Mrs. Pratz was at a workshop, so I taught all day. FUN!! I read several different books to the kids about MLK. I loved the conversations that went on. We had a great discussion about never giving up, accepting everyone & their differences, and why it is important to value one another daily. Richmond is a Great Expectations model school. For those of you who are not familiar with GE, you need to get familiar, fast!!! It is WONDERFUL. I am lucky enough to have a GE instructor as my mentor teacher. Anyways, it is all about setting high expectations for your students and teaching them life lessons through positive reinforcement. One of my little girls said MLK told us to value one another as unique and special individuals. (GE Expectation #1) We recite all 8 Expectations in our classroom daily, as well as, the school creed, classroom creed, and teacher creed.

The kids did a great job brainstorming words that represented MLK! I hope to have parent permission this week so I can start posting pictures!!! :0)

Martin's Big Words (right) is a phenomenal book to read!

Miss Knight

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Katie K. said...

So exciting to teach all day! I really like your lesson plan format, what program did you do that in?

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