Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dear Deer/Lesson on Homophones

This last week I introduced homophones! So much fun!
I get so excited when I can read the book Dear Deer. The kids loved it! While reading the book we created a circle map of all of the homophones we heard in the story! [No picture, sorry!]
After the story, we talked more about what a homophone is and reviewed our circle map! I then passed out a sentence strip to each student with the homophone written on it. The kids were to spread out throughout the room and find their match. After everyone found their match, each one told which word they had and the definition!

We then played this really fun game! I taped a different sentence strip to their back! The kids had to find their match based on the clues their friends would give them. The clues had to be adjectives [Commotion in the Ocean is a great book to read on adjectives, FYI!!] or motions only!! The kids had a ball!

Aunt Ant ;0)


Rowdy in First Grade said...

I LOVE that book! And I love this activity! I'm totally using this next year!

Just discovered you this evening! Woohoo!

Adrienne said...

i just became a follower! I LOVE this book as well. I just posted about it on my blog as well.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great lesson! I am student teaching in a 3rd grade class, so I might use some of your ideas from this. I was wondering what did the circle map look like? Did you just write all of the words inside? Thanks for taking the time to share this blog & your ideas with everyone!

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